Sunday, October 3, 2010

harvest season.

garden splendor! it has been a LONG time since I did a garden update. I think I realized that taking care of the garden is more work than I thought and blogging about is more work than I have time for :)
one of about four bunches of tokyo bunching onions from the garden. these babies are about 2 1/2' tall!!

right now we are only getting 1-2 tomatoes per couple days. however there are about 40 green tomatoes that I hope will ripen before frost comes!

holy cow! our basil and oregano have REALLY take off! I cut off a ton everytime I go to the garden. we use some fresh, but most we have been drying by putting it in the oven for a couple hours on warm then crunching it up. we have a couple containers so far. doing this made me realize how much I really like making dried herb concoctions!

how is anyone else's garden coming along now that it is in the prime of harvest season?

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