Sunday, July 17, 2011

light painting: take two

these are my last few attempts of the first session mentioned here. my camera settings are the same as before, but i did list them again below. next session we move indoors.

i am using the manual setting on my camera and have a 10 second exposure set and the f-stop/ aperture at f/3.4 which is as low (the lower the number the more light is let in) as it goes. ISO is at 800 i believe. i also set a 2 second delay from the time i snap the photo, so that doesn't cause it to shake. i don't have a tripod yet, so it is just sitting still on a table.

i have found that you really need to whip the light source around and make much bigger getures than you think. if you feel silly doing it and that your arms are too crazy, you are doing it right. this is something i want to experiment with.

i made letters!! i had been trying to do this and it just wasn't getting caught on film. i wish i knew exactly what i did different here, but alas i don't and need to fiddle with it a bit more.

more swirls, but i really like the way these ones turned out. i need to get the bright spotlight out of there though.

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