Friday, October 14, 2011

gobble, gobble.

i am finally back from portland and back into blog mode.  i unfortunately don't have a computer or smart phone so blogging from the road is not an option.  i am going through the past months photos and catching up on sharing them with you :)

these pictures are i took out the kitchen window of my friend's window when i was staying the night there.  it was early in the morning and it was like one minute they weren't there and the next there were eight of them!!  a whole family of two adults and six of what i like to call teen-turkeys :)  they were all perched on the bridge that leads from the deck to the pole barn and finally all jumped off and scurried around into the woods.  the daddy took the leap first, followed by four of the teens.  the last two kiddies were reluctant to jump and mama was waiting for them to go before she took the leap, but eventually had to lead by example and the babes were soon to follow.  so cool to see them up close!!

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