Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Urban Folk Art Shows™ (full animated version) from Staci Gibson on Vimeo.

hello from portland, oregon :)  i am here with heidi gearing up for our first urban folk art show, and i am so excited (and a little nervous).  it is going to be great to see all of our hard work finally pay off and have some sort of place to keep growing and improving from.  

while i miss putting my extra time into threesixfive, i have thoroughly enjoyed this endeavor.  if you live in the portland area be sure to come check out the show.  we are going to have live music, DIY projects, artist demos, wine, great food trucks, and of course the wonderful and talented artists! 

if you don't live in the portland area (well and i guess even if you do) check out the commercial my friend staci daniel from pea soup studio put together. it is amazing!  i will check in again later this weekend hopefully with some pictures from the show, and will do a portland version of take-a-walk-tuesday next week. 

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  1. OMG! Danielle, you have a commercial! That's so exciting! I love it! I hope you did well this weekend and everything turned out as you hoped it would. ~Love Suzie.