Monday, January 7, 2013

big news.

So now you know we are having a baby!!  Very soon in fact. March 4, 2013 is our official due date!! I am so super excited to finally get to share this news.  It is a great way to start the relaunch of my blog and one of the main reasons I am bringing it back. I have lots of mama and baby related things I want to share and I am also hoping to get to know and learn from other new moms out there.  Plus, I can journal stories and bits of everyday life to use in his scrapbook (because lord knows I am not going to remember them all on my own!) can expect lots of baby related posts leading up to his arrival (did I mention we are having a little boy!!!) Oh and I promise not to get too graphic with the stories or photos :)

Me at 25 weeks.  I am now 32 weeks with only 8 more to go!

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