Sunday, January 27, 2013

cravings, clothes, and due dates

More pages from the pregnancy journal and still so many more to go :)  Haha, I thought I would have this done by the time he gets here, but I am coming the realization that it just might not happen that way.  And you know what, that is OK! 

Baby G's first picture on what ended up looking like a background make of candy buttons and his due date which is one of my favorite pages from the album thus far. I think it's the negative space and bright aqua on the kraft paper.

This may be my favorite page so far!!  I love that the colors of the product labels all went together with these cute grocery stickers I had :)  I also used fabric paint out of one of the tubes with the skinny tip to write with for the first time and will definitely repeat this new technique!

I am collecting and stapling tags from all of his gear here (left).  The page on the right is a note that came with the blanket that Dave's grandma made for our future baby before she passed away.  I was thankful that Aunt Cathy sent it along with a nicely typed note explaining the story behind it that I could put here in his journal :)

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