Thursday, January 17, 2013

my pregnancy journal

 When I found out we were having a baby back in July, I wanted  a way to document my pregnancy and a place to keep my thoughts and things that I wanted to tell our future child.  Of course my first thought was a scrapbook, but then I decided I wanted something a little less formal and easier to put together, so  I settled on a journal.

Now, while I thought this would be a place filled with thoughts and tidbits of this journey called pregnancy, I must admit that I have been quite lazy in actually putting the information into the book.  Blame it on other projects, the pressure of not knowing what to say, thinking I had nine months to complete this little gem, who knows.  Anyhow, I do have a handful of pages done, and notes jotted down on various post-its for ones to complete. I also have a bunch of snippets shoved in there to use on said pages.  

I figured that in sharing it on the blog and the fact that I only have 7 weeks of pregnancy left might light a fire under my ass to put some other projects aside and work on this for a while. The journal will by no means be in chronological order, but I think down the road this won't matter.  I only get to be pregnant with our first child once, and want to be able to reflect back on my thoughts when I am 40 and forget what it was like :)

The cover of my journal that I made and left blank until I found out we were having a boy :) All my various post-its on things I want to include in the journal.  It looks like a daunting list right now, but I just need to take it one story at a time!

 This is the first page of the journal, I made this and then took 5 months to figure out what I wanted to say to him, and still don't feel like I could really put it into words.  This is the second page when I first felt him move at 16 weeks (yes it took THAT long to get to the second page :)

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