Wednesday, April 21, 2010

garden update.

I have been doing some light gardening for a bit in the afternoon the last couple of days. I am proud of all my little plants and hope they grow up big and strong :) I have:

--re-potted an imperial geranium, a gift from my boyfriend Dave's Mom
--planted black seeded simpson and mesclun lettuce from seed
--bought a new hanging planter (what will go in it is yet to be seen)
--planted dill from seed
--bought and planted a rosemary plant (it was pretty and smelled good and I couldn't resist)
--moved my cucumber seedlings to bigger peat pots and staked them up in hopes they will not be so spindly (now I learn that's what happens with insufficient light!)
--patted myself on the back as all my seedlings have sprouted
--missed my community garden club because I was still feeling under the weather :(

Anyone else doing some growing of their own?? Do tell :)

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