Thursday, April 22, 2010

sew exciting.

After a two week hiatus, I ventured into a favorite thrift shop of mine (the only one I go to right now, I plan on branching soon). It is a PTO thrift store so all the proceeds go to the Ann Arbor PTO's, which I love :) It is not big, but they always have a LOT of craft supplies (ribbon, yarn, fabric, patches, buttons etc.). On my most recent trip I didn't feel that high that comes often comes with a really good find. Don't get me wrong I found a few good items, but nothing that left me with THAT feeling. Then I got this baby home, gave it a wipe down, did a little paint job on the lid, and filled it with goodies :) LOVE IT!!

the before photos.

I used red acrylic paint around the edge and for the title and the blue flower is two rub-ons.

decent thread collection complete coveted from my mom and grandma's stash :)

my complete sewing set-up. complete with thread/bobbin holder, old sewing tin of grams, manual to my moms vintage singer and the little box that came with it, and my pin cushion.

here is a picture of the machine on the manual cover. it was recently indefinitely borrowed from my mom who never really used it. It is a Singer Stylus, zig-zag sewing machine, free-arm model 533 from 1976 :) So cool. never thought I would start machine sewing!!

the inside of the lid to my gram's old sewing tin. it has a special device to hold needles which is pretty nifty!


  1. I love your box! Wish i had one<3

  2. Pretty sure our moms had the same exact machine. It looks just like the one that I learned on when I started my blog!